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June 30th, 2009 - Can you dig it? — LiveJournal
The last of my major projects with my client comes to an end today. My contract still has another month on it, but with no projects as such, I will be able to use the time to get new clients and new projects in the pipelilne.

I've already made contact with various people I have worked with before and have two projects in the pipeline, both with a client who is likely to have more small projects for me as their big projects move along. The first of these projects is going to be interesting and will require some research on my part, which I am looking forward do. But first we have to get a Master Services Agreement in place and then the Statements of Work.

I'll also have to make contact with some of my current client's competitors. I know people at the two main companies, as I have worked with them before. And they are not really my current client's competitors any more, since my client has decided to quit operations in the US and Europe.

Still, I do need to put some work into marketing materials, and should plan on getting up to Chicago in September for the main vending industry trade show.

I've also been doing some programming, working on a little software that might be useful in the future. Maybe.

I've been getting some work done around the house (finally). I've laid some brick along the side of the driveway to give a little more room for people getting out on the passenger side of the car. I want to do a bit more landscaping around the pathway from the driveway to the front door, but the earth is really hard and the sun gets awfully hot.

I also got some patio furniture and have painted the chairs. I need to clean up the rust off the table before I paint that.

My little garden has been quite remarkable. I pulled out the monkey grass and weeds from the planters at the front door and planted various herbs, peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes look good; I'm just waiting for them to change to red. I've made use of the peppers (green and Anaheim) in a few dishes. And the fresh herbs have been wonderful (parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, sage, basil).

That's about all I've got to share for the moment.

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