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Fuck Man U - Can you dig it? — LiveJournal
Fuck Man U
So Arsenal couldn't score. And Man U now equal the best football team in England in League titles.
Well done. I wish Liverpool could also draw from a pool that includes players that cost 30 million pounds each.
Not bitter. They're good players.
I wish we could have the depth on the bench that means we could sub a 30 mill player for a 30 mill player that was sitting on the bench.
But there are only three teams in England that can afford that luxury, and two of those teams are in Manchester. (The other Manchester team didn't work out so well this year, for the record).

I had a conversation tonight with a Wolves fan that sounded more like a United fan than a Wolves fan. His comments sounded like he was practically sucking on Fergie's dick. And he was all about ignoring the gains that other teams (particularly Liverpool) have made. Pissed me off somewhat. Anyone who thinks that United are unstoppable needs a kick in the balls. United got lucky in several games. But that's football.

Liverpool got lucky on several occasions, and they also got unlucky. So did United. Just so happened that United got a bit more luck. It's not always about strategy. It's not always about tactics. Hell, it's not always about the players. Sometimes it comes down to basic luck.

Anyway, in less than eight hours I shall be at the Brewhouse, watching a game that won't decide the winner of the Premiership. It never was going to.

At least the bottom of the table will make for interesting football next week. Newcastle or Hull? Bye bye 'Boro. Bye bye Albion. Or something completely unexpected?

And as for the fans. United fans are the second worst fans after Chelsea fans.

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boywithoutasoul From: boywithoutasoul Date: May 31st, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was a good season. Just not quite good enough.
Hope you get to see a few games next season.
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