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I hope you have a great day! Stay warm.
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Well, last week's match at Stoke City was disappointing to say the least. The Reds played terribly, and came away with only a point after a 0-0 draw. This was followed by Manchester United soundly beating Chelsea and coming within 5 points of Liverpool on the table. Midweek, United beat Wigan to move into second place and 2 points shy of the top spot.

Liverpool doesn't play until Monday, so when Man U go to Bolton this weekend, a win would put them a point above us. So it's going to be a nervy weekend. The Reebok Stadium is never an easy place to go, but Bolton just aren't that good this year. Granted, United has several injury concerns, but they are still a team with great depth and skill. I'll be satisfied with a draw, but I suspect that United will pull out a win. It could all depend on the referee.

Liverpool plays host to Everton on Monday. The Reds beat the Toffees at Goodison Park earlier in the season and I must feel confidant about doing the double on them this year. Last weekend's performance aside, Liverpool have been looking very good, and now with the team pretty much back to full fitness they have to be favored over an Everton that is still struggling with injuries. Everton have been winning games, though, through Arteta and Cahill, so it's going to be a tough one; they're still bitter with the result of the earlier match.

Kick-off for the Liverpool v Everton match is 3pm on Monday. I will be leaving my sanctuary against the cold to watch this at the Brewhouse.

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My annual month of alcohol abstinence is going well. Although this week was pretty trying.

I was getting my oil changed and the oil pan gasket replaced on Tuesday at my usual oil change and repairs place, and while I was waiting a customer died. He was up paying his bill and then keeled over. When I realized what was going on, I tried to resuscitate him, but I think now he was dead before he even hit the ground.

On Wednesday night I got a call from American Express asking me about some unusual charges on my card on Tuesday. Well, they weren't my charges (I don't shop at Wal-Mart, and I was nowhere near Smyrna on Tuesday), so they canceled my card and reversed the transactions. My replacement card arrived today.

My primary client needs me to be at a meeting in Berlin on the 29th, so I'm heading to Germany for the last week of January. I'm looking forward to it; I've been to Hamburg but not Berlin, so this should be interesting. Of course, since I'm going to be in Germany I'm going to have to come off my month of abstinence a little earlier than planned. I'll have to make it up later in the year, but if I'm going to be in Germany, no way in hell I'm not going to have beer.

Speaking of my primary client, we agreed to a three month extension of my current contract while we wait for the major customer to decide what the hell they're going to do (and fund) this year. Hopefully they'll make a positive decision by early February and I'll be set for the next few years.

I plan on spending the cold long weekend at home. Indoors. Where it's warm. I did step out to the mailbox to get my mail today, and it was a completely inappropriate temperature. Not going to make that mistake again.

I did some work on my taxes this afternoon. Basically pulling together all the bits and pieces. Now I'm just waiting on documents from my bank and my brokers and then I can fire it all off to my accountant. Based on the rough math that I've done so far, and assuming that the stock I sold at the start of the year to buy my house didn't have too much capital gain (some were up, some were down), I should get a nice bit of cash back from the Feds. That would be very nice.

I'm making macaroni and cheese and salad for dinner tonight. Yeah, that sounds good.

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Welcome 2009. What a year 2008 was for Liverpool, and it ended in fine form with half the season to go.

Liverpool remains top of the Premier League table, three points clear of second-place Chelsea. The biggest concern is Manchester United, who are seven points back but have two games to catch up (they have played 18 compared to Liverpool and Chelsea's 20). This is the best position the Reds have held at the half-way point in many years. Liverpool's last two Premiership matches were decisive wins: 3-0 over Bolton and 5-1 over Newcastle.

Liverpool made it to the knock-out rounds in the European Champions League. From here on in, this competition gets really hard. The Reds have drawn Real Madrid, but have the advantage of playing in Spain for the first leg. I'm sure bedivere will have some words on this clash at the end of February.

Liverpool traveled to Deepdale, the ground of Preston North End on Saturday in their third round FA Cup meeting. Liverpool showed the same dominance that they had in their recent Premiership games but struggled a little to find the back of the net. Preston looked dangerous on the breakaway, but seemed to fall a bit when in scoring range. However, courtesy of goals from Riera and Fernando Torres on his first game back after his hamstring injury, the Reds took a 2-0 victory and progressed to the fourth round.

And what a match-up that will be, as the draw has given us a Merseyside FA Cup Derby within a week of the Premiership Merseyside Derby. Everton will be traveling to Anfield on both occasions, anxious for a win after we beat them at Goodison Park earlier in the season. If the boys remain fit I can see the Red half of the City of Liverpool celebrating three wins over the Blue half in the 2008-9 season.

Liverpool closed out the 2008 calendar year unbeaten at home in the Premiership. Their only loss at Anfield came in the 2007-8 FA Cup, and only six defeats overall in all competitions: 40 wins, 22 draws, 6 losses.

So now it's all on for the second half of the season. The next game is at Stoke on Saturday; confidence is high and this is be a match the Reds should win. Stoke just got knocked out of the FA Cup, so they'll be looking for something to boost themselves; this game won't be it.

Kick-off is at 12:30pm on Saturday. I won't be drinking (it's January again) but I'll be at the Brewhouse nonetheless.

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First, the good news:

It is starting to look like I've got backups of photos up until just before my big trip to France/Scotland/England last year. I'm pretty sure I sent a copy of my trip photos home to NZ, so I may be able to get those as well. Which means that I'm probably just missing any photos from the last 15 months. Once I get everything sorted there will be a major backup session.

I was also able to recover Bad Jelly the Witch. This is a very important thing. If you don't know Bad Jelly, then you really don't know me.

Liverpool won today and by doing so won their Champions League group. I enjoyed that.

Second, the middling news:

The backup software on my main laptop expired. This caused me some consternation given recent events, but this was very quickly dealt to by upgrading to the latest version. Backups currently running.

Third, the annoying news:

My plan to take three days off this week has been completely scarpered by work. Of course, this is important work, which, if it all comes off well, should see a good long-term deal. But still, I had plans, goddamnit! Still, I think as a result, I shall just have to take two full weeks off starting Friday next week.

Fourth, the bad news:

Hector, a regular at the Local, is being deported. I won't go into details, but it sucks. I have a mixed opinion of the situation, given my own position, but I still liked him and he is a really nice guy.

Also, because of the news reported in the third section, I am not planning any post-cow drinking binge tomorrow night. I gotta get up on Thursday morning and work now.

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I needed that.

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So I went and had some dinner and a couple of drinks to calm myself down.
I came back and started installing my usual software onto the new hardware. I'm going to have to get some new antivirus software, but that's okay. That's dealable.
I ran the file restorer application that I have against the external hard drive that used to carry my media files. My first order of business was the photos. Output to my local drive, of course, not the same drive.
It said that it recovered everything. Well, this wasn't quite so accurate.
Several of the pictures I tried to look at didn't come up. Still scrambled.
Some of them did come up, and this was good.
Some of them did come up, but not as the same photo that was originally there. In fact, these weren't photos I'd actually taken. Oh well, they were nice, but not appropriate for the folder they came back in and had to be deleted. It looks like I'm going to have to check every folder and every picture. But at least I got some back.
I'm not holding out much hope for anything else. I need to work out the last time I backed up photos to DVD - and I'm not very confident about that.
Still, not a total loss, and for that I should be thankful.

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15+ GB of photos from the past 10 years.
130GB of mp3s.
150GB of assorted video.


Hard drive crash.

Got a new hard drive and tried to recover some data. Any data. Gone.

I might be able to recover some of the photos from old backups and my external drive (where they used to be before it became my Dr Who video collection).

I can start ripping all my CDs over again.

First world problem. But very upsetting.

I think I'm going to have a strong drink and try not to feel too down about it.

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One of my favorite NZ bands of the late '80s, early '90s was The Headless Chickens. I saw them numerous times at The Powerstation, one of Auckland's main music venues. I guess it was about the size of the Roxy. The Chickens were a little odd; sort of dance-y (more so into the nineties) and labeled, as most non-commercial-station-friendly bands are, as alternative. Their lyrics often had a dark element to them.
Anyway, they got back together for a reunion show, and Russell Brown (no, not that one, the one in NZ) talks about it in his blog, Public Address. I remember bouncing around to all of the songs he mentions. Ah, good times.
I wish the FedEx guy would hurry up and get here with my new hard drive so I can rebuild my media PC and start listening to Stunt Clown again.

I have to go to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks for an RFP response presentation. I'm sure Pittsburgh is nice and all, but not in mid-December. It's cold here; I don't even want to imagine how cold it is going to be there. Yes, I'm a whiny bitch.

Dreams about flying last night. Flying a plane. And watching someone's parachute collapse about 100 feet from the ground. Was bizarre. Not sure why flying and parachute accidents should be on my subconscious mind. Maybe it's a metaphor.

I'm currently waiting for Oracle 10g Administrator Client to install on my laptop. This is so I can configure the demos for next week's RFP response meetings that have been scheduled for my days off. Did I mention I wasn't happy about that?

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